I am a sideliner. We are the sideliners. We sit on the sidelines, waiting to be picked, hoping this isn’t all there is to life, watching everyone else play the game. We huddle, unnoticed in the corners, at the edges of our lives, wondering if we will ever be able to jump back into the game. Life threw us a curveball (or maybe 5); divorce, a child with special needs, caring for an aging parent, the list goes on. The all-consumingness of our curveballs have taken us down and we are out. We don’t know where we fit anymore. We keep watching the game play on while trying to catch our breath and catch up with everyone else. Our place has been taken. Our voice has been silenced. We don’t fit the status quo and so we sit, a few steps behind, a bit out of sync, just barely hanging on, living life on the sidelines. 

For me, the curve balls have come fast and hard, one right after the next. They’ve taken me down and tried to take me out. But I’m standing. I’m standing here to tell you that there is life on the sidelines. Real life. Good life. In the midst of the pain and the heartache. Even when the world says “you don’t belong.” I’m here to tell you that you do. You belong with me and the rest of the sideliners and we aren’t done playing yet.

I love Jesus and my people, and have a spot in my heart for the cast aside and uncared for; the sideliners. My story is one of redemption, of beauty from ashes, of life growing from dry ground. I think a lot of stories are like that. Life is hard and life is beautiful. The day in and day out doesn’t always seem pretty but it makes us who we are, and it’s where real life happens. Even if you feel sidelined by your life’s circumstances, I can tell you that there is life here to. Real life. Good life.

What I am:

Imperfect. Loved by God. Wife. Mother. Adoptive Parent. Special Needs Parent. Divorced. Remarried. Blended Family. A Work in Progress. For Fun Photographer. Writer. Lover of People. Lover of Redemption.

What I am not:

Pastor. Theologian. Bible Teacher. An Expert (in ANYTHING).

I’m just a girl, sitting in front of a keyboard, sharing a bit of my journey, in the hopes that it may help you along yours.


2 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. I love your raw honesty. I am starting a new blog/vlog and I am looking for parents of special needs children/adults to not only follow but to make entrys. Please tell me more about your journey as a parent of special needs child. I hope we can connect. I live in Austin TX area but with the internet anything is possible.

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