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Welcome! Here you can find information on the Life Coaching services I offer. I am located in Montana but am able to meet with clients via video conference so where ever you are feel free to contact me!

My painful circumstances (divorce and special needs children) left me feeling like I was sitting on the sidelines of life while everyone else lived on. I struggled to figure out where I fit now, both in life and in church. But I’ve discovered there is joy and good, even on the sidelines, and I want you to discover it too. Whether you are feeling emotionally or practically stuck, I would love to help you move from that place and discover hope and joy again. Together we can find next steps to help you move forward to a better place.

What is Life Coaching?

As a Life Coach, I will help you determine:

•Where you are

•Where you would like to be

•What is standing in the way of you getting there

•And what practical action steps you can take to get where you want to be

My Areas of Specialty:


First off you should know that I believe in marriage and that it is sacred and God ordained. I am also a believer in miracles. I also know that sometimes a spouse makes choices and those choices can lead to divorce. If you are feeling stuck in your marriage and you aren’t sure if what you are experiencing is abuse, or maybe you know but you don’t know what to do about it, I can help you figure out some next steps. If you are already going through a divorce or are divorced and you are feeling stuck trying to figure out this new normal I can help you with that too.

Special Needs Parenting:

Whether you have just received a diagnosis for your child, you are trying to decided if you need to have your child evaluated, or your child has had a diagnosis for awhile I can help. If you are looking for direction or support in the process or specifics on how to help your child we can work through it together.

Adoption & Foster Care: 

I love adoption and foster care! If you are just considering whether or not adoption and foster care might be a path for you, if you would like some support through the process or  if you already have adopted/foster children in your home and would like some direction with the unique parenting needs of your children, I can help.

Other Areas: 

If you are feeling stuck in other areas of your life, I can help with that too. Whether you just aren’t sure what’s next for you or what your purpose in life is. Whether you are feeling stuck in your relationships, or career. Or maybe, like me life has thrown you some really tough curve balls and you just aren’t sure how to move forward, we can create a custom coaching program for you.

Session Options:

To book a 30 minute discovery session ($29) click HERE

{or email me at}

A Discovery Session is $29 for a 30 minute session where we will determine what your needs are and which coaching package is best for you.

Coaching Package 1: $199 (Includes 3 Coaching Calls)

During our first session, I will spend time getting to know you and your particular needs. During our second session we will work through some tools together to help clarify where you are and where you would like to go. Our third session will be more of a consultation session where we will work together to create a plan of next steps for you.

Coaching Package 2: $379 (Includes 6 Coaching Calls)

We will follow the same pattern as package 1, but we will repeat the process, evaluating how the plan we have created together is working for you, making changes as necessary. This package allows me to give you further extended support as you put action steps into practice.

{Prices are at an introductory rate for the launch of my life coaching business and will likely increase after my launch}

My Certification:

I received my Biblical Life Coach certification through The Life Breakthrough Academy in April of 2020.