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If you’ve faced Adultery, Abuse, or Abandonment in your marriage my heart goes out to you. The pain of these is one I know well, and I well know, it’s the hardest thing you may ever face. It can feel overwhelming, devastating, and like your life is ending.

When things came crashing down for me, I just wanted to rewind and make it all go away. Like Jesus, in the garden, I asked God to just take it all away. I thought the emotional pain of it all might just take my physical life, it hurt so much. But none of that happened and I had to find a way through. There was no getting over or under and around it, just through.

In the wake of all the devastation I had to make some really tough decisions. Grieving and making big decisions all at the same time felt really overwhelming. I felt like there was nothing good on the other side of what I was going through. But I discovered there is hope and joy on the other side of this mountain, no matter how things turn out. And I want you to discover it too. I’ve walked that road, and made it to the other side, and I’m here to walk it with you now.

~I am a certified Biblical Life Coach.

~I can meet with clients via zoom, or in person.

~I can help you determine whether or not what you are experiencing is abuse {If you feel confused please reach out for help!}

~I can help you understand your options for next steps and support you as you make a plan to be safe & healthy.

~If you are a pastor on ministry leader I can help you learn to spot and navigate abuse among the people you serve.

~I believe that God is a defender of the weak and oppressed. I believe that he has good plans for you. I believe that he uses all things for good. Most of all, I believe that he loves you, so much more than you think!

*To book a 30 minute Discovery Session ($29) with me, CLICK HERE