If you’ve faced Adultery, Abuse, or Abandonment in your marriage my heart goes out to you. The pain of these is one I know well, and I well know, it’s the hardest thing you may ever face. It can feel overwhelming, devastating, and like you life is ending. I want you to know that there is hope, despite the difficult. I’ve walked that road, and made it to the other side, and I’m here to walk it with you now.

~I am a certified Biblical Life Coach.

~I can meet with clients via zoom, or in person.

~I can help you determine whether or not what you are experiencing is abuse {If you feel confused please reach out for help!}

~I can help you understand your options for next steps and support you as you make a plan to be safe & healthy.

~If you are a pastor on ministry leader I can help you learn to spot and navigate abuse among the people you serve.

~I believe that God is a defender of the weak and oppressed. I believe that he has good plans for you. I believe that he uses all things for good. Most of all, I believe that he loves you, so much more than you think!

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